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Article: Why We Love Quilting ~ Happy National Quilting Day!

Why We Love Quilting ~ Happy National Quilting Day!



Here at The Featherweight Shop, we are overjoyed to have a day dedicated to the celebration and history of quilts! We always love a good reason to share our favorite quilting stories, patterns, fabrics and more! 

National Quilt Day came to be on June 22, 1991 in Lincoln, NE during the 22nd Annual Quilt Show. The National Quilting Alliance passed the resolution that created National Quilt Day every third Saturday of March. Presently, National Quilt Day is celebrated across the country with all types of quilty fun! 

Stories of Love for Quilting

~ Quilting for Country ~


While researching for National Quilt day, we came across this heartwarming story of Bobbie. In the town of Port Townsend, WA, Bobbie and a group of women gathered their sewing machines for the 5th annual Quilts of Valor Annual Sew Day for Veterans. Bobbie with her machine, a 1930's Singer Featherweight that she inherited, states, "This thing is older than I am but works like a charm, just like me." The original article was published in the town newspaper called The Leader.


Read Full Article Here.

 ~ Quilting for History ~

ruth quilt


Throughout time and generations, there will be certain items that have special meaning. Those items will smell a certain way, feel a certain way and have distinctive colors that call up memories. In this story, it is Great-Grandma Ruth's pink quilt. This quilt traveled all around, was used as a bed spread and even inspired a new quilt and pattern for her Great-Great-Granddaughter (who is also named Ruth!)

Read Full Story Here.


~ Patterns, Accessories & Fabric for National Quilt Day ~



For those of you who enjoy the vintage styled fabrics, you will be sure to find more for your collection as we continue to purvey the old-fashioned, unique and more.  Moreover, in honor of National Quilt Day, at The Featherweight Shop we offer 10% off 5 yards or more of fabric (in any combination of fabric yardage quantities totaling 5 yards or more)


One of our favorite and most economical accessories for the Singer Featherweight is the Walking Foot; it only seemed appropriate to feature it on National Quilting Day!  Our walking feet are designed specifically for the Singer Featherweight 221 and 222.  The teeth on the walking foot align to the teeth on the feed dogs, so this will eliminate any unnecessary shifting and allow for more even feeding during the quilting process. 



Happy National Quilt Day from the Featherweight Shop. We hope you are enjoying this joyous day as much as we are!

Share pictures in the comments below of what you are quilting today - we would love to see!