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New York City
by April Henry

We had one day in New York City, so we had to maximize what we could see and do... and it all had to be done on foot.  We road the train, the subway and walked and walked and walked.... and walked... but, we were able to see the Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Museum of Natural History, the 9/11 Memorial and all the sights in between.  We were worn out by the end of the day, but it was a fun to experience and see it all for the first time.

Our first view of the New York skyline as we drove into the city.

We accidentally made a wrong turn via the GPS and ended up on the George Washington Bridge... at 5 o'clock rush hour traffic... as we were crossing the bridge and amidst the crazy traffic, the GPS voice said 'Welcome to New York!"  (We couldn't help but just laugh!)


The traffic, the people, the construction ... heading to Times Square was just like the movies.  Walking down the sidewalks we would go from wonderful, yummy food carts and greasy-french-fry smells to occasional unpleasant wafts from underground that would have us plugging our nose.

Construction and jackhammer noises were everywhere.  I imagine it's a constant construction zone with changes and updates.


Of all the things we saw, the Statue of Liberty was a highlight of our day in New York City - and the clouds were just perfect for this photo from the boat before we arrived at Liberty Island.


One of the participants at our Pearl River, New York Workshop was incredibly gracious and was able to gift us free tickets to the Museum of Natural History.  Kids loved it!  And, yes, we got to see Dum-Dum and Rexy!

(Thank you so much for the tickets, Cindy!)


Riding the NY Subway was certainly an experience as well.... hot, humid subway air with lots of people going to and fro - aware yet at the same time oblivious to everyone around them.  I am sure we had "foreigner" written all over our faces!


Last, but not least, a respectful visit to the 9/11 Memorial finished off our day.
We will never forget.


It was indeed a very long day, but one we will always remember!

Empire State Building