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Penny Postcard: Lovely Lavender Satchet
by The Featherweight Shop

We would like you to meet Penny Carter, a 12-year-old little girl living in the countryside of Idaho, who writes weekly postcards to her dearest grandmother, Betty Richards, from Auburn, Washington. An old-fashioned girl at heart, Penny is learning to sew, crochet, knit, embroider, and many other needle crafts with her Mama. Her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Carter, own a small sewing machine shop, which allows Penny the privilege of playing with remnants and extra samples her Mama brings home. She also likes to bake and scrapbook and will write of these experiences to her grandma, who lives several hundred miles away. Sometimes Penny will tell of her latest adventures, the books she is reading, or even how things from the newsfront are affecting her life and happenings.

While the setting is present-day, the nostalgia of yesteryear will warm any reader's heart. Her writing will be concise and sometimes simple. After all, postcards offer limited space, so Penny will have to be creative with what she includes!

We hope you will enjoy getting to know Penny Carter each week as she gives us small glimpses of her life every Friday.


Penny Postcard Lavender Sachet

(Click postcard for larger view)

Penny enjoyed a beautiful trip with family and friends, surrounded by gorgeous scenery this past weekend. She was able to spend time playing games, kayaking, swimming, and more! What a wonderful time making beautiful memories. Penny also broadened her  artistic skills this week while making this lovely lavender sachet. She used some leftover silk from her momma's fabric stash, and filled her sachet with fresh picked lavender. Such beauty from talented little hands.


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