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Article: Penny Postcard: May Day

Penny Postcard: May Day


Penny Postcard Friday

We would like you to meet Penny Carter, a 12-year-old little girl living in the countryside of Idaho, who writes weekly postcards to her dearest grandmother, Betty Richards, from Auburn, Washington.  An old-fashioned girl at heart, Penny is learning to sew, crochet, knit, embroider, and many other needle crafts with her Mama.  Her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Carter, own a small sewing machine shop, which allows Penny the privilege of playing with remnants and extra samples her Mama brings home.  She also likes to bake and scrapbook and will write of these experiences to her grandma, who lives several hundred miles away.  Sometimes Penny will tell of her latest adventures, the books she is reading, or even how things from the newsfront are affecting her life and happenings.  

While the setting is present-day, the nostalgia of yesteryear will warm any reader's heart.  Her writing will be concise and sometimes simple.  After all, postcards offer limited space, so Penny will have to be creative with what she includes!

We hope you will enjoy getting to know Penny Carter each week as she gives us small glimpses of her life every Friday. 


Introducing our newest feature...... Penny Postcard.


(click image for larger postcard viewing)

Blooming Wild Plum Blossoms


Featherweight May Day Baskets 

Using a loose page from a dilapidated or partial Singer Featherweight instruction manual, construct a small May Day basket for friends and neighbors!  This will be sure to brighten someone's day, especially after such a long social distancing --- or as we like to say, sewcial distancing, time.

Begin by rolling one corner to form a cone-shape from the vintage paper ephemera.


Place a piece of tape at the bottom to secure cone.

Hole-punch a small hole in back center of the paper cone.  The lower the hole is punched, the more secure it will be when hanging from the doorknob.

Using about a 12-inch (or thereabouts) piece of ric rac, string it through the hole and tie a small knot at the top.  Remember to leave a large enough loop in the ric rac to hang the May Day basket on a doorknob.

Trim flowers as needed for length and proper display in the May Day basket.  Give fresh flowers if the recipient will be home upon receipt, or wrap them in a wet paper towel and enclosed in a plastic baggy, if there will be a delay in the May Day basket delivery.

Write an encouraging note, or give it anonymously.

Share a little May Day cheer to friends and neighbors by hanging on their doorknobs on May 1st!