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Restore Along Part 11: Look At That Shine
by The Featherweight Shop

Welcome to Part 11 of Tulip's restoration. Last week, we saw Julia continue to work on varnish and organization of Tulip's parts, and a noticeable new shine to Tulip's finish as a result of Julia's hard work.

If you missed it, you can catch up on the last installment of Tulip's restoration here:

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After seeing how much better Tulip is starting to look, Julia decides to double down on the varnish work today.

Singer Featherweight Varnish

Singer Featherweight Varnish Cleaning

It's hard work, but the payoff is pretty immediate:

Singer Featherweight Varnish Shine

Look at that sine!

Julia also spends time cleaning a batch of smaller parts, as usual. Today, she cleans the rock shaft parts, and the left bushing from the hook shaft. She will save the right bushing for another day to avoid mixing up the left and right bushings.

hook shaft on Singer Featherweight

A couple of screws in this batch are stuck tight, but with Mark's help, Julia can get these screws out with a satisfying "pop."

singer Featherweight parts

Now Julia is ready to start her usual cleaning routine!

Featherweight parts soaking


Scrubbing Featherweight Parts


Featherweight Parts in the Sonic Cleaner

Into the Sonic Cleaner, and finally, a good coat of sewing machine oil to shine and protect the newly cleaned parts.

Julia didn't oil the presser foot bar parts the last time she cleaned them, so she puts those parts through the whole process again. Even after a second cleaning and a fresh coat of oil, the wear on the presser bar shows. Julia may have to replace that part before the project is done, but for now, she has another batch of parts for the "cleaned and oiled" drawer and even more shine drawn out of Tulip's varnish. Not bad!

Tulip end of part 11

Next week, Julia and Mark return to the Mazda dealership to buy some paint. We'll see you then!

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