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Restore Along Part 12: Red Paint & Clean Parts
by The Featherweight Shop

Welcome back to the Restore Along with Julia and Tulip. We hope you have enjoyed following along and learning more about Julia's process. Julia has been carefully cleaning every piece as we get to see to see Tulip's inner workings up close. If you missed us last week, catch up on the story here:

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Today Julia Heads to the auto paint store. Julia has been putting this off. Committing to the Soul Red Metallic paint, both the color and the specific paints and process required to apply them is exciting and a little intimidating. Julia's husband, Mark, is joining her for moral support.

On the way to the paint store, a Mazda with Soul Red Metallic paint pulls right up alongside Julia and Mark's car, so Julia grabs a picture of this encouraging moment. It's a good color for a vehicle - and will make a stunning paint job for Tulip!

Soul Red metallic for Featherweight

Soul Red Metallic on a Mazda Alongside Julia and Mark

The salesclerk at the paint store finds their paint codes and runs a quick tally. Since Soul Red Metallic uses a few different colors in the layering process, including a clear coat, Tulip's paint job is looking at about a $300 price tag. The salesclerk also advises them that a mini-paint sprayer will be the best tool for getting the job done. This paint job isn't going to be cheap, but Mark is optimistic that they will get their money's worth out of the mini-paint sprayer. Tulip is undoubtedly not the last Featherweight Julia will paint, and Mark will no doubt find other uses for it too.

Painting supplies acquired, Julia returns to cleaning parts. There's still a ways to go before Tulip is ready for her new paint! Today, Julia works on the tension unit, two thread guards, and arm shaft. Featherweight experts will notice a few parts missing here: the tension unit releasing pin, which was cleaned earlier during tear-down, and the shaft, which is soaking overnight in sewing machine oil thanks to a stubborn screw.

Featherweight parts

Tension Unit Thumb Nut, before and after cleaning


more Featherweight parts

Dirty Tension Unit parts


Loose Featherweight Parts being washed

Featherweight Parts in the Sonic Cleaner


Clean Featherweight Parts

All clean and ready to be wiped down with Sewing Machine Oil!


Tension Indication and Indicator Flange, washed with dish soap not baking soda mixture.


Count for Tension Unit pieces going into Sonic Cleaner


arm shaft

Before and After Arm Shaft 


The little thread guard that looks like it is covered with junk turns out to appear dark because it has lost most of its chrome plating except for the part that is protected by the machine housing. The larger arm thread guard still has its plating. 

Julia is selective about what cleaning agent she uses on what surface. She cleans the gear with kerosene and will give it another clean after she can get the arm off the shaft. Other non-painted parts are cleaned with baking soda and water. The two black tension parts, the tension indicator and indicator flange, are washed with dish soap and water only, not the baking soda mixture, nor does Julia put them in the sonic cleaner or oil them.

That's another good batch of parts for the "clean" drawer, and Julia calls it a day. Thanks for following along, see you next week!

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