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Article: Restore Along Part 13: A Mystery or Two

Restore Along Part 13: A Mystery or Two


Welcome back to the Restore Along of Julia and Tulip. Catch up on last week's installation here:

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Last time Julia purchased all the paints required for Tulip's future Soul Red Metallic paint look. There is a lot more to be done before Tulip is ready for a new coat of paint, so today is all about getting more parts from the "dirty" drawer in the "clean" drawer.

First up is Tulip's Handwheel:

Featherweight Hand Wheel

Julia cleans the Handwheel with dish soap*, but it is still pretty dirty, so she cleans it again with kerosene. In the process, Julia discovers a long auburn hair wrapped around it, caked in dry, dirty, sewing machine oil. Julia knows it's not her hair, so it is likely a memento from a previous owner of Tulip! An interesting archaeological find maybe, but not a clean one. It has to go.

Restore Along Part 13

Julia turns her attention to the take-up lever. One screw on this part has a strange bowl shaped slot that is difficult to remove. (NOTE: When a screw has this bowl shaped slot, it means that it is a reverse threaded screw.  Therefore, turn right to loosen it.) Julia tries to remove this screw, but can't get a good bite due to the odd shape, so she opts to leave it in.

Featherweight Shop Restore Along

Julia cleans the take-up lever with the baking soda solution and into the sonic cleaner it goes, screw and all. Afterward, she soaks the whole thing in alcohol to dissipate any water that may remain in the joint.

Take up lever

The take-up lever is ready to be oiled and bagged!

In the process of cleaning, Julia comes across a screw that doesn't have a visible home. Earlier, she had placed it with the light socket housing, thinking it was to hold down electrical wiring to the light, but now she isn't so sure.

Julia identifies several places it does not belong, but decides to wait until later to continue her sleuth work. In the meantime, this errant screw will live in it's own baggie:

Errant screw

With those speed bumps out of the way, Julia makes quick work of the remaining parts in today's batch:

spare parts baggies

A sizeable batch of parts ready for the clean drawer! Join us again next week for more progress!

  Tulip at the end of Part 13! 

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