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Restore Along Part 15: A New Addition
by The Featherweight Shop

Welcome to Part 15 of the Restore Along with Julia. Julia has slowly and steadily been working on Tulip, and good things surely will come of it!

If you missed it, catch up on Part 14 Here: Handle With Care.

Tulip is not quite ready for a new coat of paint (several, actually), but today Julia is pondering over the mini paint sprayer Mark purchased.


Mini paint sprayer


What more could a girl want for a 37th wedding anniversary present?

However, Julia doesn't have too much experience with paint sprayers, and Tech Support (aka Mark) has done some truck repair painting, but now sewing machine repair painting! Julia is apprehensive about painting Tulip, and it is the Featherweight community to the rescue once again: Jill generously sent Julia a Featherweight she saved from being sent to the dump. Some parts are missing, but the remaining body and base will make for a perfect test subject and chance for Julia to perfect the process.


Singer Featherweight test machine


Of course, Julia names this Featherweight "Jill" after the wonderful Jill who donated her. Julia will prep Jill like she has prepped Tulip, stripping the varnish down to the Japanned finish, then some light sanding in preparation for paint.

Julia also takes this chance to show a part of the restoration process that didn't get documented earlier: removing Tulip's thread guards. Since she didn't take pictures of that step, she does so this time around with Jill:


taking apart a Singer Featherweight


First, she puts a drop of sewing machine oil on the guards where they go into the machine. She then places a plastic scraper on the guard where it meets the outside and give the scraper on the guard where it meets the machine on the outside and gives the scraper a gentle tap with her hammer and it comes right out:


Details on Singer Featherweight


For the upper guard, Julia uses pliers, along with a makeshift tube of scrap quilt batting in fabric, to protect it from getting scratched. A few gentle twists back and forth are all it takes!


Restoration Singer Featherweight


Julia also checks in with an auto paint dealer in the next town over. The salesperson is helpful and can offer her a less expensive quote on her preferred brand of paint than the $300 quote Julia got earlier. It looks like going the extra mile is going to pay off this time.

That wraps up another day's work towards a fully restored Tulip. Join us again next week as we continue to follow Julia's progress in Part 17!


Restore Along Singer Featherweight


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