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Restore Along Part 22
by The Featherweight Shop

Welcome back to the Restore Along of Tulip! After several days of prep work, Julia is finally ready for her Featherweight painting practice run. Catch up on her prep work here:

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Today’s work begins with just a few touch-ups to the paint mask Julia previously applied to her practice Featherweight, Jill.



She covers a few holes that got uncovered during sanding, wipes Jill down with a tack cloth to remove any lingering dust, and carries the machine ceremoniously out to the shop.



With three task lights, mask, gloves, eye protection, and Tech Support hovering behind her, Julia starts to spray on the first coat of primer. She finds it hard to get the primer on all of Jill's surfaces since the paint can is so tall.



Julia reviews her work when the first coat is complete. There are some thin areas and a couple of places where some gunk got sprayed over (Julia thinks maybe the gunky pieces are pieces of the cardboard paint box that got kicked up with the spraying because they are on the back which she sprayed first.) This is not acceptable in a finish coat, but nothing that can't be fixed with the next layer of primer. Julia and Jill have both survived the first round of painting.



We’ll see you again next week as Julia applies more paint and refines her technique


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