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Article: Restore Along Part 23

Restore Along Part 23


Welcome back to the Restore Along of Tulip (and now Jill!) Julia has been working diligently on Jill, her practice machine, getting her ready to paint! With the first coat of primer applied in last week's installment (read here), Julia is ready to apply a second coat of primer and improve on her technique!

First things first, Julia wants to make sure there will be no more trouble with loose specs of cardboard blowing around her work space as she paints. She uses a partial can of clear spray paint and coats the inside of the cardboard box she has been using as a screen.

While that dries, Julia sands the first coat of primer on Jill and removes the spots of cardboard gunk that got stuck to the machine as she painted. These spots come off with ease, and only one place of gunk has no primer under it. Julia also makes a note of three little spots where the paint ran during the first coat, and spots where she had trouble applying the paint to the underside of Jill’s arm.



This second time, rather than spraying all the way around and keeping the machine upright, Julia decides to spray primer in sections, with Jill’s different sides horizontal to the table, waiting fifteen minutes for the primer to be dry to the touch as per product directions. Julia hopes this will result in a more even coat with no run spots.




As she paints, Julia uses a nearby pack of razor blades and a stand to support the machine when it is resting on its side. She will find something a little more professional when it’s time for the red coats of paint!

All in all, she is happy with the results of the second coat of primer.



Thank you for following along on Tulip's and Jill's adventure. In Julia’s words: “The girls and I appreciate your company and comments.” Join us again next week as the journey continues!


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