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Restore Along Part 29
by The Featherweight Shop

Welcome back to the Restore Along with Julia! Last week, Julia continued to work on Jill, stripping the first red coat of paint in preparation for another practice run. To catch up on the progress so far, read last week’s installment here:

Previous Restore Along: Part 28

Julia starts by inspecting the past day's work with her magnification lens headset. Sure enough, there are still minute specks of paint to remove. 

Julia spends the next two hours removing every particle she can find, in addition to applying liquid latex where needed.

Julia applies liquid latex to Featherweight 221

Liquid latex

At last, Julia is ready for her second round of paint practice, starting as always with the primer.

Julia is on her second round of paint practice starting with prinmer

Just try to ignore the bright red paint from the first round of practice!

The nozzle of the primers spray can is a little clogged, it turns out, and the primer comes out in more massive wet drops a few times. Julia will have to sand that down if it doesn't evaporate while drying.

Coat of primer on Featherweight 221

As the paint dries, Julia notices that she did not mask the throat plate screws. 

Throat cover not masked

She also missed plugging an oil port, so there will be a bit of further touch up required. For today, Julia is satisfied that Jill, for the second time, has the first coat of primer.

End of Restore Along part 29

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