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Restore Along Part 30
by The Featherweight Shop

Welcome back to the Restore along with Julia and Tulip (and Jill)! Last week, Julia was on round two of her painting practice, giving a fresh coat of primer to Jill. Find out what issues came about in last week’s installment here: Restore Along Part 29

Today’s work begins with a gentle sanding of Jill’s first coat of primer as preparation for a successful, even second coat. Using wet 600 grit sandpaper, Julia folds the sandpaper around a q-tip for a little extra padding and rubs lightly in one direction (not circles). 

underside of singer featherweight

plugs from Jill the Featherweight

During this sanding process, Julia develops a creative solution to a particular problem. The problem: she needs to remove all the various plugs that were used in the painting process as she sands around those areas, and it is hard to keep track of which plug goes where.

tin liners for parts

Julia’s solution: she labeled cupcake tin liners. She prefers the foil-lined ones. Once the plugs are in their liners, they go into a wide mouth jar, stacked on top of one another. They squish down tight enough with the lid on that she doesn’t think any plugs will fall out if the jar is tipped. Julia will also be able to reuse them when she works on Tulip and other machines!

 jill and primer

After carefully sanding the full machine, she wipes Jill down with a damp shop towel.

Before wrapping up for the day, Julia puts a little bit of primer into a cup and uses a brush to paint inside the hole under the bobbin thread tension unit. She doesn’t want to spray primer here since it might go on a little too thick.

Tech support and Julia are about to head out on a vacation (editor's note: the events of this article happened a while ago!), so Julia will tuck Tulip and Jill away in the sewing room. Even on the move, Julia has a separate project kitted up for the trip, and as always, her 1940 Featherweight “Journey” will go on vacation with her.

See you next week!

Jill end of part 30

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