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Sew-In at Home: Finishing the Flouncy Skirt with Sayley
by The Featherweight Shop

Welcome back to Sew-In at Home with Nathan and Sayley! Today, we are finishing up Sayley's flouncy circle skirt, and she is ecstatic! If you are just joining us, you can catch up on the previous installments here: Sew-In at Home.

Today, Sayley went into her last day of this project happy to be nearing the end. As she started pinning away, theorizing the best way to attach the waist to the seam, Sayley innocently realized just how much work goes into making a garment. It was such an endearing realization!

Wanting a little bit of extra "flounce," Sayley pinned and stitched along the top of the seams of her skirt, creating a very small pleat. 

She started off by pinning the strip of elastic to the waist section of the skirt, then matched up the finished sides of the fabric and pinned the top edges. 


After she finished pinning, Sayley sewed the seam, creating one of the final steps (since she is counting down to the steps to her finished product!)

Examining how the waist looks on her skirt, Sayley can't wait to try it on! She still needs to finish up the final seam and install the zipper.

The skirt is measuring up to her "flouncy" expectations!

On to the zipper! This was a bit intimidating for her. It was completely different than anything else that she has sewn to date, but Sayley accomplished the task and handled it with grace... with a little support from the dogs!

Max and Bodey were right there to lend a cuddle when Sayley needed a break.

Now that the zipper is on, Sayley is very excited to finish sewing the final seam. There are a few small steps left and then she will be able to try on her skirt.

latch for the skirt
Just to add the finishing touches, we added on a hook and eye to the top of Sayley's flouncy skirt to have a nice and snug fit.

The utter joy of sewing the final stitch on your very first project! Great job Sayley!

sayley with her skirt on
The finished product.... Flouncy skirt a la Sayley....

Next month Nathan continues his computer cover project!