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| Posted by Ashley Fritsche

Sew-In Part Three: Maintenance & Flouncy Skirts

Welcome back to the Sew-In with Nathan & Sayley! These two kiddos are continuing  their adventures in sewing and creating their very first Featherweight projects! You can catch up on the previous installments here: Sew-In at Home This month, Nathan is learning about proper Featherweight maintenance and where to oil a Featherweight. Today, he was in more of a "technical" mood as compared to a "creative" mood. That is what I love so much about Featherweights. You sure can get technical with them! So Nathan and I looked up the Color Coded Oiling and Lubrication Points Chart here on The...

| Posted by Ashley Fritsche

Sew-In Part Two: First Featherweight Projects

Welcome to Part Two of the Sew-In with Nathan and Sayley! Today, the kids are creating custom projects that they have imagined, designed, and sewn - all on their own! Follow along on their captivating journey as they gain knowledge, confidence, and ingenuity.     Products used in Sew-In Part Two: Rotary Cutter Cutting Mat 12" x 18" Cutting Ruler 6.5" x 12.5" Tape Measure Pencil & Notepad Fabric Scissors Thread Cutters   Little Miss Sayley decided she wanted to make an exquisite skirt, much like the one she chose to wear for her sewing adventure today. First thing's first, we needed to get...

| Posted by Ashley Fritsche

SEW-IN: Keep Calm & Quilt On - The Beginning

Quilting, throughout time, has brought calm and quiet to households, and this remains true in mine today. My two little children, Nathan (10) and Sayely (8), are home from school and a bit worried about all confusing times that we are facing at the moment (e.g. Coronavirus).  So, when times get to be too much, especially for children, I have always found it marvelous having a new skill to practice or project to work on! This brings us to our first installment of our limited edition series, featuring novice sewers Nathan and Sayley, sewing their first projects on a Singer...