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SHOP TALK: Organizing the Kitchen
by The Featherweight Shop

Welcome back to Shop Talk here at The Featherweight Shop! We love our local chit chat with staff, gathering around the dinette table so-to-speak (because that is what we have!) and sharing with one another. In these segments, we exchange patterns, recipes, organizational ideas, history quips, gardening tips, crafty projects, and smiles about learning an old-fashioned way of doing things. Shop Talk is the fun tidbits of news!



Image Source: Cook Booking

As we have been working our way through organization tips and tricks, we have made it to the kitchen! The kitchen has great potential for inventive ways to devise harmony. There are areas that we may attempt to organize, but they always seem to find their way quickly back to chaos: mug shelf, spice drawer, counter tops, and baking supplies. The following kitchen organizing tips are sure to keep your kitchen standardized for years to come!

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1. Use a Lazy Susan to corral counter top clutter.

Take your "go-to" items, and place on a Lazy Susan, creating a neat, and space conscious solution to displaying your important kitchen items. Want to dress up this idea? Try a cake stand!


2. Add hooks anywhere you can.

This is such a great tip, especially for extra coffee mugs! Install hooks on walls, inside cabinets, under shelves and more. This creates "extra space" to hang mugs, pots, pans, etc...

3. Use the sides of your cabinets.

When dealing with small spaces, utilize all the surfaces that are available, including the sides of your cabinets! This is a great area to store cooking utensils, without cluttering drawers.

4. Get rid of unnecessary packaging.

Cutting down on clutter, including getting rid of unnecessary packaging is unquestionably important when shaping up your kitchen. For example, storing cooking and baking ingredients in dainty containers elevates the counter appeal of your kitchen, as well as removes the hodgepodge!

 5. Turn cabinets into drawers.

Even if you don't have the extra room to make custom drawers, this is a great option to organize your spices! Use magnets under cabinets to store your spices. Make sure to put the spices you use most at the front, and the "special" or seldom used ones on the back row.

6. Add pot rails to your kitchen walls.

Adding pot rails and S-hooks creates numerous ways to hang utensils, spice racks, paper towels and more! 

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