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Shop Talk: "Something for Everyone" Christmas Stocking by Kristyne Czepuryk, Pretty by Hand
by Tammy Olson


With the holidays right around the corner, I wanted to make three fun and unique stockings! These will be so festive hung by the fireplace in hopes of being filled with stocking stuffers and goodies on Christmas morning!


Products Used:

  1. Mini Wonder Clips
  2. Quilt Basting Spray
  3. Glass Head Pins, Super Fine
  4. Two-Point Turner
  5. Sewline Air Erasable Roller Ball Pen
  6. Mini Charm Pack ,(Deer Christmas by Urban Chiks for Moda


I began creating the first stocking using a mini charm pack from Deer Christmas by Urban Chiks for Moda,  and sewed it all together in a shape that the sock pattern would easily fit. It was an enjoyable process to decide where to place each little piece; I felt like such an artist!  


Chain piecing made it go so quickly! 

Soon, the front of the sock was cut out, and I could prepare for the next steps of sewing.


I also cut two pieces of batting - one for the front and one for the back of the sock.

Exterior back sock fabric on the left and lining sock fabric on the right.

Using the air-erasable pen, I drew diagonal lines and quilted the front and back to each of their batting. 



The lining was sewed together and placed inside. I added the ric rac loop, and using the ever so helpful MINI Wonder Clips, I was able to sew the top portion of the sock along with the upper binding. The patchwork stocking was completed in no time at all!

For the second stocking, I chose a sweet floral print along with a pink accent to make a ruffle at the top.  "Perfect for a little granddaughter!" I thought.

This time, I quilted the front and back to the batting following vertically drawn lines.

Each time I turned one of the stockings inside out, I would remember to snip around the curves to make it easier for the material to yield in the tight spots.

It was also helpful to have a Two Point Turner to make sure all the seams were pushed out to their total curve area. 

I basted and gathered the ruffle and pinned it onto the top of the stocking, added a ric rac loop for hanging on the mantle and sewed it on.  Using the Ruffler Attachment would be a fun challenge if you feel so inclined.  Just cut a few long strips and ruffle away following the instructions on this page.  Trim it to the desired length and pin as follows:

I followed the directions for the lining and left a 4” space so that when I placed the stocking lining inside and sewed it on, I would be able to pull it out through the hole and turn it right side out!


I sewed up the hole and pushed the lining in and it looked perfectly pretty... Two stockings done!

I started on the third stocking with great excitement! I was almost finished, and it was so Christmas-y looking... I was so happy I had saved this one for last!

Again, I quilted the front and back pieces to stocking-sized batting. The Sewline Air Erasable ROLLER BALL PEN gave me perfect diagonal lines every time.

I then prepared the minky-styled cuff. (I did not want it to be too floppy and loose nor did I want it to look tight and pinched, so I made sure when I pinned it on to have no gathers or gaps. You may need to cut yours a little shorter than the pattern calls for. Remember the old saying, "measure twice, cut once!")  I sewed the cuff along with the ric rac loop, then placed them in the lining with the 4” hole.

The final steps were to turn it inside out, sew up the lining and tuck it inside!

VOILA - a fluffy-cuffed, vintage styled fabric Christmas stocking!

Merry Christmas everyone!