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Bona Fide Hand Crank for the Singer Featherweight

We are so excited to announce the newest addition to the Singer Featherweight parts lineup - the custom made Hand Crank! Below you will find background information, parts description and a step-by-step tutorial for everything you need to know about the new and bona fide Featherweight Hand Crank.

A Little Bit of History
on the Featherweight Hand Crank

While a sewing machine hand crank was never an original accessory for the Singer Featherweight, these newly crafted hand cranks are meticulously patterned for function and design after those that Singer originally made for their other antique sewing machine models (e.g. 66, 99, 201, etc). These custom-designed hand cranks are geared to provide three stitches per smooth and ergonomic rotation, offering you the freedom to sew without electricity.  That makes these the only bona fide hand cranks available for the Singer Featherweight!  Take your quilt piecing anywhere -- camping, boating and every place in between.  That is pretty exciting!

Follow along with the video tutorial and steps below to learn how it works with your Singer Featherweight 221 or 222.

1)  On almost all sewing machines, the handwheel rotates towards the operator  (counterclockwise) while the machine is in use. 

2)  The hand crank adapter for the Singer Featherweight is a geared attachment that allows the hand crank arm to be turned in a natural, clockwise rotation while at the same time turning the handwheel counter-clockwise.

  The Featherweight Hand Crank works on a 3-to-1 rotation. This means that for one turn of the hand crank, the machine will sew three stitches. (Please watch minute 1:20 of the Singer Featherweight Hand Crank Video above for a full presentation of this.)

Review the Three Components
of the Featherweight Hand Crank

The adapter is a specially designed piece that allows the Featherweight Hand Crank to attach to a Singer Featherweight model 221 or 222 specifically.

The new Featherweight Hand Crank consists of a geared mechanism corresponding to the spokes of the hand wheel (see image below).

The last piece is the specially machined handwheel, compatible with the Singer Featherweight 221 or 222. 

NOTE:  If you already have a hand crank for another antique Singer machine, these parts are not interchangeable for the Featherweight.

Steps to Mount Singer Featherweight Hand Crank

In order to mount the new Featherweight Hand Crank, the motor needs to be removed first. Please use the following tutorial for a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this.

1)  After the motor is removed, the next step is to remove the handwheel.  First remove the stop motion set screw, stop motion knob, washer, and handwheel.

*Important Note:  Installing the Featherweight Hand Crank does not permanently alter the machine in any way.  The original motor and handwheel can be re-installed at any time to maintain the original state of your Featherweight.
2)  Install the mounting bracket using the included nut and bolt. The mounting bracket mounts to the machine using the original motor mount bracket.

Simply put the bolt through the bracket ...

... and then put the nut on the screw from the back side and attach.

When the bracket is first placed on the machine, do not tighten it down just yet.  Tightening it finger tight will suffice until it is in position and properly aligned for the Featherweight Hand Crank.

3)  Next, install the spoked handwheel by sliding it onto the Featherweight's handwheel collar.

Set the handwheel washer in place.

Next, screw the original stop motion knob onto the machine as well as the stop motion set screw.

4)  Attach the Featherweight Hand Crank in place. It will mount to the bracket with the included bolt.

Once the Featherweight Hand Crank is attached to the machine, adjust the position of the handcrank, until the finger is loose in one of the spokes on the handwheel.  This will give it room to turn without binding. Once the Featherweight Hand Crank is in position, tighten the two mounting bolts.

Your machine is now ready to sew manually by hand!

Ready to give it a try?  Going dry-camping or deep sea sailing and want to take your quilting along? 

Click here to order the bona fide and new Featherweight Hand Crank

Proper Case Fit when Hand Crank is on Machine

With the Featherweight Hand Crank installed, the machine will fit into a type IV, V or VI vintage original Featherweight Case with the side-tray removed. The replica cases are also large enough to carry a machine with the Featherweight Hand Crank installed.  The machine will need to be inserted into the case with the handwheel on the left side as shown in the photo below.

Note:  A machine with the Featherweight Hand Crank will not
fit inside a top tray style Featherweight case at all. 

However,, a machine with a Featherweight Handcrank does fit in the Type IV, V or VI vintage original Featherweight Case as shown in the image above, with the side tray removed.
Machine with a Featherweight Handcrank also fits in the replica cases as shown in the image above, again  with the side tray removed.