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Motor Removal Process on Your Singer Featherweight 221 & 222

If you need to have your Singer Featherweight motor serviced, rewound or if you are repainting your machine, then motor removal is necessary.  Learn how to properly remove your Singer Featherweight motor by following the steps outlined below or by watching the complete video tutorial:

If you need a basic motor service, or a complete overhaul with a total rewinding, contact us here.

Step 1) The motor is mounted to the machine by one large screw. Remove the large screw entirely using the Orange Safety Screwdriver.
Remove large screw on Singer Featherweight Motor

Step 2) After the screw is completely removed, the motor is only connected to the machine by the electrical wires. Be very gentle with the motor wires; they are decades old can be quite fragile. You can now roll the belt off of the pulley and set the belt aside.

Remove the belt from motor on Singer Featherweight

Step 3)  The next step is to remove the bakelite terminal receptacle which is attached by one screw. The long shaft screwdriver works well for removing this screw.  After the screw is removed, gently pull out on the receptacle exposing the wire connections.

Bakelite screw Singer Featherweight

Step 4)  Support the motor with your hand to lay the machine on its back.

lay featherweight on back

Step 5)  Next, remove the large thumb nut so that the drip pan can also be removed.

drip pan removal

Step 6) There are two wires that pass through a hole in the back of the machine and attach to the back of the receptacle. The clamp pictured below holds the two wires from the motor in place. Remove the clamp; now the motor wires are only connected to the back of the terminal.

Clamps that hold wires for motor

On the receptacle there are three wire nuts. Above the three wire nuts are a yellow dot, black dot and a red dot. Remove the wire nuts below the red dot and center black dot. Once the wire nuts are removed, you can gently slide the wires off the corresponding posts.

back of receptacle on singer featherweight

Step 7)  With the machine on its back, locate the two wires and gently pull them loose.

pull wires loose from singer featherweight

Step 8)  With the machine balanced on its side gently pull the motor and wires, removing them from the machine.

separate motor
 Your motor is now completely disconnected from the machine.  If you need a basic motor service, or a complete overhaul with a total rewinding, contact us here.

Suggested Parts:
long screwdriver
safety screw