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Article: February 2024 - What's New in The Featherweight Shop Vintage Collection

February 2024 - What's New in The Featherweight Shop Vintage Collection


Here at the Featherweight Shop, we have quite the collection of vintage Singer items.  Due to our remote location, very few customers have had the opportunity to see the many rare Singer items we have.  This series of blog posts brings our collection out for all to see what new items we receive.  Some of these items may be famous and recognizable, but there may be other items that very few individuals have ever seen or heard of before.  For the month of February 2024, here are some of our recent finds:

We are happy to have this little book in our collection. With the compliments of Singer, it features the coronations of England's Kings and Queens.

This paperweight was manufactured to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Singer building in New York!

This vibrant French pin is a marked addition to our collection of vintage Singer employee pins.

This unique oil can is similar to those that came with the early Featherweights manufactured in the UK; however, this one is from Italy, and it features larger red lettering.

This dainty 1929 calendar is in fabulous condition!

These all-metal foot-shaped controllers are always a neat find, but this one came in an extremely rare original box!

This 1930s ad from Germany is a fascinating addition!

Singer pocked knives like this are quite rare!

This is one of the most unique Sewhandy carrying cases we have ever seen. It is vinyl and has the Singer logo printed on it in German. The Sewhandy itself was made in Great Britain.

These next items are ones that we have collected over the past few years.

We were quite surprised to discover the variety of #120378 hexagonal small Singer screwdrivers there are. Below are 19 different variations that we have observed here at the shop. Most of the time the variation can be seen in just one photo, but there are a couple screwdrivers that necessitated two photos to depict their variation. Three different handle widths have been observed, so we have sorted them that way. (BLA/BLK=Black, SLV=Silver)

3/16" Handle:

1/4" Handle:

The 1/4" handle screwdrivers are practical because the handle can fit into a bit driver.


5/16" Handle:

There are so many fun vintage Singer items here at the shop, and we are very excited to share our new finds with the Featherweight community.  Stay tuned for next month!