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How to Fix Terminal Receptacle Pins for Better Connection

How to Fix Terminal Receptacle Pins for Better Connection


A common question we receive has to do with the Featherweight plug being too loose in the receptacle. Watch the short video above to see what to do should this ever occur with one of your Featherweight machines. My Featherweight friend, Brad Sawatwipachai, was a great help in preparing this hint for video presentation.

Receptacles that no longer have a sufficient center gap in the pins can cause the light to flicker or the motor to lose power. To remedy this problem, you will need a flat screwdriver. Your machine would have originally come with two screwdrivers, so you will want to use the larger one. If you do not have an original large screwdriver for your Featherweight, then we do carry replacements here.

Insert the flat tip of the screwdriver into the slot of the receptacle pins, spreading the pins ever so slightly. The pins can be fragile so only a little pressure is necessary. After doing so, try the plug again to test for adequate resistance. If it needs a little more repeat the process.

Once the plug fits properly into your Featherweight machine, then this should fix your flickering light and intermittent power to the motor. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail or give us a call anytime.