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| Posted by Carmon Henry

How to Change a Singer Featherweight Light Bulb

For those of you who do not have local access to a hardware store or don't want to drive all over town trying to locate the right tubing product, we do carry them in the shop as a convenience to our customers: Many of you have probably tried and found that the area where the light bulb goes is hard to get into. I actually learned this from Dave McCallum several years ago and have been applying it ever since. To make this easier and to easily see the bulb, it may be best to set the machine up on...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

How to Fix Terminal Receptacle Pins for Better Connection

How to Fix Terminal Receptacle Pins for Better Connection   A common question we receive has to do with the Featherweight plug being too loose in the receptacle. Watch the short video above to see what to do should this ever occur with one of your Featherweight machines. My Featherweight friend, Brad Sawatwipachai, was a great help in preparing this hint for video presentation. Receptacles that no longer have a sufficient center gap in the pins can cause the light to flicker or the motor to lose power. To remedy this problem, you will need a flat screwdriver. Your machine...

| Posted by Christian Henry

Foot Pedal Controller Speed Adjustment

  If your Singer Featherweight 221 foot controller (aka foot pedal) has only one speed (fast) OR is getting way too hot, then it might just need a simple adjustment inside. Watch this video tutorial for how to calibrate and make the necessary adjustment and to keep your machine operating safely. But wait, there's more -- immediately after posting this video to our Singer Featherweight 221 Facebook Group, we received the question about a light that flickers on and off when the foot controller is depressed. So, we decided a 2nd video was needed in addition to the first one....

| Posted by Carmon Henry

How To Replace the Electrical Components

This video tutorial will show you how to replace and rewire the light socket, lampshade, light switch, receptacle and motor on a Singer Featherweight 221.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.  Also, be sure to like and share this tutorial with your fellow Featherweight friends!  

| Posted by April Henry

Featherweight LED Bulb Comparison

Which LED light bulb is the right one for the Singer Featherweight 221 or 222K sewing machine?  Carmon Henry answers that question and explains how they differ and why some work in the light sockets and some do not.  We are often asked, "Will your LED bulb fit in my Featherweight because I have heard that some work and some don't?"  This video tutorial will show you the differences and help you make the right choice for an LED bulb for your machine.   This LED bulb works for all Singer Featherweight styles:  Black, White, Tan, or any other -...

| Posted by Christian Henry

How to Repair a Speedy Clamshell Style Foot Controller

A few years ago we posted the tutorial for how to adjust the original bakelite foot controller and since then have received many requests for how to do the same speed adjustment on the "clamshell" style foot controller, most often seen on white Featherweights, but sometimes with the black Singer Featherweight 221 & 222 as well. If your foot controller (aka: foot pedal) seems to only have one speed - FAST... Then the following video tutorial will show you how to make that adjustment so you will have full range of speed.  From sewing slowly and carefully to speedily sewing...

| Posted by Christian Henry

Capacitors - Why Did My Featherweight Start Sewing By Itself All of the Sudden?

Many Featherweight owners have asked, "what are these silver cylinders inside my foot controller?"  For several of the Featherweights manufactured in the UK, capacitors were added inside the foot controller, motor, or the machine itself.  The purpose of capacitors was to cut down on electrical feedback with old TVs and radios.  We no longer have this problem with present-day electricity, and nowadays the capacitors end up being quite the nuisance, if not potentially dangerous.  We often get contacted by frightened customers exclaiming that their machine just started sewing all of the sudden without the foot controller being depressed at all.  The cause?  Those capacitors! ...

| Posted by The Featherweight Shop

Motor Removal Process on Your Singer Featherweight 221 & 222

Learn how to safely and properly remove the motor from your Singer Featherweight 221 & 222. You will find a step-by-step instruction with pictures and video tutorial to walk you through the process.

| Posted by Carmon Henry

Part 1 of 3 - Featherweight 221 Light Wiring Series

Part 1: A Tutorial on Cleaning the Lead Sheath on a Singer Featherweight 221. Products & Tools Referenced: Light Socket with Sheath Wera Safety Screwdriver (also available in the Set of 4) Gear Cleaning Brush Low Odor Kerosene and Long-Spouted Bottle Sew Retro Grease Small Terry-Cloth Towel (for scrubbing) Felt Drip Pan Large Towel or Shop Rag (for collecting kerosene  drips and old grease) Gloves Mask Eye-Protection The lead sheath on Singer Featherweight 221 models (1933-1957 for US-made Featherweights and 1947-1951 for UK-made Featherweights) covers the light wires and often requires careful cleaning and maintenance if there is any white oxidation present. In...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

Part 2 of 3 - Featherweight Light Wiring Troubleshooting & Repair

Featherweight Light Wiring Tutorial Series - Part 2 In Part 1 of the Light Wiring Series, we did a basic cleaning of the light wiring lead sheath underneath the machine, which helps to remove some of the exposed oxidation residue that can build up over a long period of time.  Remember, this series is only for Singer Featherweight 221 machines manufactured in the US from 1933 to 1957 and for 221 Featherweight machines manufactured in the UK from 1947 to about 1951 . On the topic of oxidation, sometimes that residue, or corrosion, is not just on the area seen underneath...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

Part 3 of 3 - Featherweight Light Wiring, Troubleshooting a Flickering Light

Featherweight Light Wiring Tutorial Series - Part 3 of 3   In Part 2 of the Light Wiring Series, we examined the light wires and followed a step-by-step process for repair.  Today, in our final installment of the Light Wiring Series, we will discuss the causes as well as how to fix a faulty or flickering light bulb on a Singer Featherweight. Remember, this series is only for Singer Featherweight 221 machines manufactured in the US from 1933 to 1957 and for 221 Featherweight machines manufactured in the UK from 1947 to about 1951.    Tools Needed or Recommended: Gloves Safety Glasses Wera...

| Posted by Christian Henry

Singer Featherweight Foot Controller Rewiring

Many Featherweight owners send us their original Foot Controllers for rewiring. We offer this service for those who want to keep their Original Foot Controller and Bakelite plug but want it to be electrically safe. The video above demonstrates the process of rewiring an original Singer foot controller, plus, we now carry a kit including all the rewiring parts so that you can perform this DIY "do-it-yourself" repair at home.   SUPPLIES AND TOOLS: The Featherweight Foot Controller Rewiring Kit  Wera Screwdrivers: Mid-Length & Long Foot Controller Cushions Needle nose pliers Wire strippers Wire cutters Below are a few pictures and instructions from the...

| Posted by Christian Henry

Light Flickering with Foot Controller Depression ~ Electrical Adjustment

  The light should only turn on and off with the flick of the switch, not the foot controller. So, if you press on the Featherweight foot controller and the light flickers off just as the motor runs, then there has been an inadvertent electrical reversal at some point in the machine's wiring history.  Unplug your machine and watch the video tutorial above to learn the steps for proper Featherweight electrical connections.   Just remember, if the machine is plugged in, it is considered on and ready to sew regardless of whether the light is on.  The switch is only for the light,...