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How to Fix a Floppy Bed Extension

For today’s hint, we will be discussing a floppy Featherweight bed.  This remedy is quick and easy and will keep your bed from flopping down too fast. (Note: This only applies to black and tan Featherweight Machines.  Singer cut a few manufacturing corners when they made the White Featherweights and how the bed attaches to the machine base was one of them.  Instead of screws, they used pins.  Thus, it makes it more difficult to adjust the bed’s position.)

So, how do you fix that floppy bed?  Removing the screw from your machine bed, reposition the flat washer and cupped washer like you see in the photo below.

The flat washer goes in the hole first, closest to the bed of the machine.  The cupped washer goes in next closest to the screw head.  You’ll notice the “cup” of the cupped washer faces the machine.  Tighten down the screw and your bed should raise and lower with good resistance.  If your cupped washer is missing, we carry replacements on our website here.