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How to Change a Singer Featherweight Light Bulb

For those of you who do not have local access to a hardware store or don't want to drive all over town trying to locate the right tubing product, we do carry them in the shop as a convenience to our customers:

Light Bulb Tool for the Singer Featherweight Lightbulb
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Many of you have probably tried and found that the area where the light bulb goes is hard to get into. I actually learned this from Dave McCallum several years ago and have been applying it ever since.

To make this easier and to easily see the bulb, it may be best to set the machine up on end putting something down to protect the finish of the handwheel, motor, etc.

The tools you will need are:
  1. A razor blade or Exacto knife
  2. A piece of vinyl tubing as shown in the picture below. This can be located at most hardware stores and is sold by the foot. It needs to be 1” outside diameter and ¾” inside diameter.

Next, cut off a small piece about 3 inches long. Stand it up on end and make some slits in it about ¼” to ½” long.

When this is done you can easily put this on your thumb, and slide the slotted end over the tip of the bulb and give it a counter-clockwise quarter turn and the bulb should come right out.

To insert the new bulb, go ahead and put it into the light housing by hand, and then slip the vinyl tubing down over the end of the bulb.

Push down, and turn clockwise a quarter turn. Remove the vinyl tubing, and your light bulb installation is complete.

Light Bulb Tool for the Singer Featherweight Lightbulb
Order Light Bulb Tool Now