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How To Refurbish a Singer Featherweight Case

In this video tutorial, our young daughter, Ruthie, will show you all the restoration steps for how to clean, polish and refurbish/restore a Singer Featherweight case.  This process will work on all black Singer Featherweight cases. On our Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop Tour this past summer, she became known at each class as the one to teach this portion of our workshops.  Step-by-step, she will show you the process of bringing that old, worn-out-looking case to a new luster -- giving it new life again!


Towards the end of the video, she and I will also show you how to replace the case handle for this particular style of case.


If your handle is missing or in very bad condition, then we do carry the handle replacements here.



Note:  If you have a tan, green and or light blue Singer Featherweight case, then the refurbishing / restoring options are pretty limited.  Some of these cases have more of a paper covering versus a cloth or Tolex, so you'll want to be rather careful what cleaning and polishing products you use.  You can try cleaning them with a damp rag, using a mild soapy solution, but you'll first want to try it on the bottom of the case in an inconspicuous location before attempting the entire case. 

We hope you enjoyed Ruthie's video tutorial -- she was quite tickled to do this whole process with her daddy! 

Ruthie shows us how to restore a Singer Featherweight 221 222 case