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How to Smooth a Burr or Rust Spot on Hook Assembly, Tension Disks, etc.

Watch Video Tutorial below . . .

Is your machine skipping stitches and you've tried every possible troubleshooting suggestion?  Do you feel a small burr on your machine's hook assembly or or loop guard?  Do you see a rusty corroded spot or two on the tension disks?  Well, this simple but useful tool is one of our Featherweight Shop secrets and a necessity for any sewing machine maintenance and service kit. 

Order Rubber Honing Stick

The Rubber Honing Stick is a tool is used for cleaning rust and burrs off parts like the Featherweight hook assembly, the bobbin case, and the tension discs.  The rubber honing stick will allow you to quickly and conveniently smooth out any rough spots that would hinder the thread path.  Simply take the stick and firmly rub back and forth on the rust or rough spots that need filing down.

The Rubber Honing Stick is made with an abrasive material, and it should not be used on polished chrome parts like the faceplate, needle plate, or stop back motion knob.  

Watch this video tutorial for Christian's clear, concise instruction showing how it is used: