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Identify Your Manual

The Various Featherweight Manuals

Throughout the years that Featherweights were produced, the Singer company produced some manual variations. The principal handbooks given with machines are shown here.


Above Left:  This manual is the standard handbook supplied with US-built Featherweight Machines.
(This particular one has a copyright date of 1941.)
Above Right:  This manual-style was supplied with UK-built Featherweight Machines.  It was also printed in the UK.

If your manual is like those two above, you can determine the date of your manual by looking in the upper left corner.  The number in parentheses is indicative of a month and year.  That date corresponds to the last date the manual was revised.  Sometimes they were revised for machine style illustrations, parts and attachments included.


Above: A Rarely-found version of the standard US manual. This was printed in 1954.

Tan Singer Featherweight 221K5 Instruction Manual
Above: Rarely found a version for the Tan Featherweight - printed in Great Britain in 1961.

Above: First version of the green/white 221 manual - printed in the UK in 1964.

Above: Second version of the white/green machines - printed in the UK in 1967.

Above: The only manual offered with the 222 Freearm machine is not dated but was printed in the UK.