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The Tan Featherweight 221J or 221K

This is one of the first "colored" Featherweights (besides "Pale Turquoise") that Singer produced besides the traditional black Featherweight.  It has a few notable differences which will be noted in the photographs below.  Mechanically, the tan Featherweight is identical to the black.  The 'J' after the model 221 simply means the machine was manufactured in St. John's, Quebec, Canada.  The 'K' means it was made in Kilbowie, Scotland (Great Britain).  Most tan Featherweights have the 221J plate, but a few are noted as having the 221K model plate.  They would have included a manual with the reference of either 221J or 221K5, respectively.  There are far fewer tan Featherweights than any of the other model Featherweights today, making it one of the more collectible machines to have.  An exact number for production has not been determined and dating is rather obscure with incomplete records, but commissioning began around 1961.  Finding one in meticulous condition is difficult because the paint did not usually withstand use and wear as well as the black machines - and the contrast of the light colored paint has a tendency to show flaws more easily.

This machine was one we photographed several years ago.

The only "decals" are not really decals at all, but rather a dark brown painted letters and words on the light housing and then again on the back arm.

Length of the bed is the same as the Black Featherweight.

The motor has motor port is just like the black Featherweights but is painted tan -- having a different colored motor can make these difficult to replace should the motor ever wear out.

Notice the unique shape of the light housing?  It's rather sleek and 1960s modern.

Bobbin Winder has a different shape than all other Featherweight bobbin winders.  The tan Featherweight bobbin winder has a thumb tab to help hold it down against the belt, if necessary.

Lovely "Red S" Badge above the 221J plate.

Tension Unit is a light tan as well.

No decals on the bed surface - which is similar to the White Featherweights.

Machine bed can be tightened at the hinge by the screws on the front and back.

Presser bar tension screw is shaped a little bit different, but most notable is the faceplate with its retro-modern style to coordinate with sleek lines in the light housing.

Two-tone tan case accompanied the tan Featherweights.  Exterior and interior cover have a vinyl texture.  A tan internal side tray and foot controller bracket was also included and attached inside the case.