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Article: Featherweight Shop Maintenance, Service and Repair

Featherweight Shop Maintenance, Service and Repair


Featherweights need to be serviced annually, which includes oiling, lubricating and setting tension. On that note, we highly recommend that you do learn to service and maintain your Singer Featherweight yourself... yes, you can do it!  And, good news!! We will show you how!  The Featherweight Shop now has the complete Featherweight Maintenance Handbook (short video below), which will guide you step by step through the routine service process with direct links to the Maintenance and Troubleshooting video tutorials on the Featherweight Schoolhouse. These self-guided tools were specifically created to be the "workshop at home", giving ease and the helping hand as you learn all the steps to service your own Singer Featherweight 221 or 222.  We even have a complete Featherweight Tune-up Kit so you can be fully prepared!


Have a sneak-peek around the Featherweight Schoolhouse now, if you like - there is even a Troubleshooting category (under Maintenance and Tutorials), because something that may seem like a major jam, is actually a fairly simple fix. We have several free downloadable Instruction and Service Manuals, too.