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Featherweight Motors

The only part of a Singer Featherweight likely to deteriorate in use is the electric motor – and let's face it, many of these machines can be 50+ years old! Therefore, it is essential that you properly maintain and care for it.

1.) NEVER put oil in your motor.
2.) LUBRICATE it with a proper low-melting point lubricant.
3.) Make sure your belt is not too tight. If the belt is too tight, it can strain the motor unnecessarily. Click here for a tutorial on how to properly adjust your Featherweight belt.

If you feel your Featherweight motor is sluggish, it might be because it needs properly lubricated or the belt is too tight.  If after addressing these two areas, you believe it might be a more complicated issue, feel free to call Carmon, the Featherweight technician, for troubleshooting questions. On occasion, a motor can be made to function properly with a few helpful tips.

Electrical Conversions 220-240-to-110 and 110-to-220-240 volts

Most Featherweight Freearm 222K machines are sourced in the UK and Europe, and of course, most have 220/240 volt operation. Therefore, to use a 220/240 volt motor in North America, you will either need a converter (a small black box which plugs in between the machine and the wall socket) or convert it and replace it with an original 110 volt motor. Graham's motor specialist, Jack (the ex-Singer man with the equipment he bought from the factory when it closed), has also officially retired so finding rewound motors has become extremely difficult and scarce. (If you have one that came from Graham, hold on to it!) Alternatives for motor conversion are listed below. If you or someone you know has successfully rewound 220/240 Featherweight motors and can do so at a reasonable fee, please contact us.


1.) The add-on black box -- Converter Box

Advantages - Cost, it’s the least expensive option at around $30 with no adverse reports of the recommended 100 watt (minimum) converter.

Disadvantages - It’s something else to carry around with the machine (and have to be explained at quilt classes). 

2.) The full motor replacement -- with an original Featherweight 110 volt motor

Advantages - Plug in and sew with no additional bits and pieces. Because the original motors we sell are fully serviced by us, we guarantee them for one year. There are no external alterations at all to degrade the value of the machine.

Disadvantages - Cost. It’s more expensive at $130.00 or more.

*All 222 machines that we sell have the full motor conversion at no extra charge.

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