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| Posted by Ashley Fritsche

What Is The Correct Way Of Identifying A Singer Walking Presser Foot AKA?

The Singer Walking Presser Foot, also known as "The Penguin" due to its adorable waddle while sewing, is one of the most sought-after Singer accessories. 'Penguin' is not an official Singer name, rather it was a cute descriptor applied by a Featherweight collector in the early 2000s. The all-metal Penguin walking foot was specially designed for fabric layers or hard-to-work with sheen or textured fabrics like tweed, napped, and pile fabrics - any material where an extra steadying grip would make the job easier!  Learn more about the unique features and charm of the Singer Walking Presser Foot "Penguin" here. Don't...

| Posted by April Henry

Binding Babies -- Easily Bind a Quilt on a Singer Featherweight

Binding Babies™ by Doohikey Designs have made binding a quilt easy, fun and tidy, especially with your Singer Featherweight 221 or 222! This is our newest featured product here at the Featherweight Shop, and so we created this quick video tutorial to show you how to use the Binding Baby and Flower Spindle with your Featherweight sewing machine... no more twisted binding messes on the floor!  It works on top of your machine or even off to the side if you opt to use the flower spindle.... you can set it up, either way, depending on your thread spool and...

| Posted by April Henry

Vintage Singer Attachments & Accessories Identification Chart

(If using a mobile browser, this page is best viewed with your screen sideways.) This chart has Singer Attachments that are broken down into subcategories: Common Basics, Individual Spares, Mechanical Attachments, Fashion Aids, and Scarce Accoutrements. Some may fall into two or more categories depending on what they are. The Common Basics were those attachments most commonly included with each Singer Featherweight or Singer Sewing Machine at time of purchase. This varied slightly over the years as new products were developed and improvements on the old ones were made. Part numbers given are for low shank attachments because low shank...