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What Is The Correct Way Of Identifying A Singer Walking Presser Foot AKA?
by The Featherweight Shop

The Singer Walking Presser Foot, also known as "The Penguin" due to its adorable waddle while sewing, is one of the most sought-after Singer accessories. 'Penguin' is not an official Singer name, rather it was a cute descriptor applied by a Featherweight collector in the early 2000s. The all-metal Penguin walking foot was specially designed for fabric layers or hard-to-work-with sheen or textured fabrics like tweed, napped, and pile fabrics - any material where an extra steadying grip would make the job easier! 

    Learn more about the unique features and charm of the Singer Walking Presser Foot "Penguin" here.

    Don't overlook the parts numbers when keeping an eye out for vintage parts and accessories. As with other vintage accessories, such as the original Singer Featherweight Bobbin Case, the assembled part number published in parts manuals differs from the part number stamped into the main body of the accessory. In this instance, the bobbin case part 45750 is stamped into the base of the bobbin case, yet it does not refer to the fully assembled bobbin case as illustrated in old charts and catalogs. 

    The Singer Featherweight Service Manual refers to the assembled bobbin case as part number 45751, assembled in whole as depicted below. 

    The same concept goes for the Singer Walking Presser Foot "Penguin." The individual identifying part number for the main metal section, unassembled, of the walking foot is 160739.

    Yet, the assembled part number 160741 is printed on the box, identifying the entire Singer Walking Presser Foot (nicknamed in modern day as the "Penguin").

    Certain vintage original Singer Featherweight parts are rarer than others. So, if you happen to stumble across a Singer Walking Presser Foot, make sure to claim it as fast as you can! These little pieces of history have sold for a pretty penny and are valued at double to triple the price of a Featherweight 221 machine!