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Thread Cutter Fun Fact

All Singer Featherweight machines originally had a little Thread Cutter.  Although, I have to admit that I never use it.  It was probably more of a selling point for the Singer Sewing Centers …. I can hear it now ~ “…and it even includes a handy little thread cutter!”  Honestly, it seems more like a thread frayer than a thread cutter because the cutting edges are not that sharp. 

Later, Singer engineered the white Featherweight to have a Thread Cutter cut directly into the steel presser bar as seen in the photo below.


So, if you have a white Featherweight, the built-in thread cutter is quick and smooth with no hunting around for that sweet thread-cutting spot! 

The built-in thread cutter on the White Featherweight presser bar is also a nice feature for those who like to use a Walking Foot.  In order to use the Walking Foot on a black Featherweight you have to usually remove the thread cutter first…. and it can be a real pain (literally) to get off.  You have to twist round and round in a downward motion while pushing very hard.  However, on a White Featherweight, you just attach your Even Feed Foot and go!

  1. UPDATE:  There is now a handy, dandy sharp little Thread Cutter  that works beautifully on the black Singer Featherweights.  It's made by Thread Cutterz and cutting thread is like a hot knife through butter.  Check it out!

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