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Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine, WRINKLE AF589***

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Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine, WRINKLE AF589***

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Singer Wrinkle Featherweight 221 with a serial number of AF589*** indicates commission date of August 15, 1940.  Machine is given a grade 9 because of it's impeccable condition.... looks practically unused.

This peculiar-finish sewing machine has been most commonly been referred to as the “Crinkle” Featherweight, or sometimes called a “Matte Finish” Featherweight.  However, we would like to dispel that descriptive adjective with the bona fide name that Singer gave it originally.  The official name for this particular finish is called “Wrinkle”. 
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There were other models of Singer machines that had the Wrinkle finish, too, but none are considered scarce like the Singer Featherweight.  Quantity, peculiarity, and Featherweight collectibility all play a factor in determining the value of a machine like this.  According to Featherweight historians and Singer records, there were only two recorded commission dates for the Wrinkle Featherweight – December 5th, 1939 and August 15th, 1940.  It is reported that the serial numbers were consecutive for the first production commission date, but intermittent with the regular shiny japanned-finished Featherweights during the second production commission date.

A Wrinkle Featherweight has a rough or crinkley finish, which is the most recognizable and distinctive feature of this kind of Singer 221.  The wrinkle tactility is attributed to the machine, motor and sometimes the face plate. 

Featherweight historians, JJ & Leo from The Featherweight  221 Factory, have only logged 43 known Wrinkle Featherweights in all their years of keeping records.  They both fully acknowledge that more Wrinkles were made, but how many — no one knows exactly.

You will also notice the difference in the “decals” on the bed of the machine… they are actually grooves rather than decals.  The only gold decals on the machine are indicative to the Singer brand name – the light cover and the back of the machine.

Included with Machine: 

Original Manual, Oil Can, Original Case Key, Screwdrivers and Box of Attachments are included:  Ruffler (Blackside Ruffler), Adjustable Hemmer, Edge Stitcher, Binder, Narrow Hemmer, and Shirrer