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Screw, Throat Plate

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Screw, Throat Plate

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This is replica screw for the throat plate (sometimes called a needle plate) and will work perfectly for the Singer 15, 66, 99, 201, Featherweight 221 and Singer 301 Models sewing machines.  (We show two screws so that you can see both the head and threads of the screw to compare with what you may already have, but each screw is sold individually.  Thus, a quantity of one is for one screw.)

* This throat plate screw will not work on a Singer Featherweight 222K, nor will it work with a vintage Singer Hemstitcher Attachment throat plate.  A Singer Hemstitcher throat plate requires an original throat plate screw (contact us directly to order a bona fide original if you need it for the Hemstitcher Attachment).