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Tootie's Craftsmanship
by April Henry

Dear Stitchery Friends… Okay – this is my little moment of sew-n-show . . .

I sewed the darling little Easter dress above for my daughter using my beloved Tootie (my 222K Featherweight for those of you who are not familiar with this model), which name came by way of the help of my friend Karen a long time ago. 221, 222K – lotsa twos – so, I’ve officially named her Tootie.

Anyway, yes, back to the dress. Completely made on Tootie with the aid of the Singer Fashion Aids… Tucker Attachment and the Blind Stitcher.  This was quite the fun project - and I am delighted! My goal now is one for me by Mother's Day ~ we'll see on that one.

I felt the need to photograph Tootie for you, so you could at least meet this beautiful Singer creation and know my sewing point of reference.  However, I will be elaborating on her bells and whistles at a later time.