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| Posted by April Henry

Christian, the Sewing Machine Guy

Many of you met our son, Christian, when we were on our Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop Tour in the summer of 2016.  He charmed the sweet, lovely ladies and enjoyed being their personal Featherweight technician for each class.   Yesterday, while flipping through some old photos I found these pictures and I couldn't help but chuckle (as well as have a moment of heart-swelling for that sweet little boy).  I remember how excited he was to "sew" using this child's Singer Sewhandy Model 20.  He was about 5-years-old and he wanted to make his Lone Ranger and Johnny West Action...

| Posted by April Henry

Sewing Reminisce

Hello, everyone... I am gathering more 'stories' for our Reminisce category. I have had so many people e-mail me their stories in the past and I've collected a few here and there... and, I've met so many sewing friends here in blogdom, that I want more Stitchery Friends to share their story, too! You can e-mail your story to me directly and I will add it to the Reminisce collection.

| Posted by April Henry


To my dear, dear Stitchery Friends . . . if you want to know one thing I am absolutely passionate about, it is fabric. I just love fabric. The clip of this redhead rubbing the fabric up to her cheek – um, yes, this is entirely me (redhair and all). All my projects have to go through a fabric-worthiness beauty pageant. Most times, the fabric gets neatly folded and put away again. I honestly just cannot bear to cut it, unless of course I have yards upon yards to spare and cherish and rub up to my cheek for years...

| Posted by April Henry

Tootie the Featherweight 222K

A little about Tootie . . . What is this machine that has all the appearances of a vintage Singer in shape and style, but . . . what? It comes apart? YES! It does – and it is supposed to do that. It is what is called the Featherweight Freearm - quite rare in make and highly collectible. For me, however, I had to have one not only because I am a vintage enthusiast, but because of what this machine will allow me to do! By removing the convertible flat bed to become the “tubular” bed – I am...

| Posted by April Henry

Tootie's Craftsmanship

Dear Stitchery Friends… Okay – this is my little moment of sew-n-show . . . I sewed the darling little Easter dress above for my daughter using my beloved Tootie (my 222K Featherweight for those of you who are not familiar with this model), which name came by way of the help of my friend Karen a long time ago. 221, 222K – lotsa twos – so, I’ve officially named her Tootie.   Anyway, yes, back to the dress. Completely made on Tootie with the aid of the Singer Fashion Aids… Tucker Attachment and the Blind Stitcher.  This was quite...

| Posted by April Henry

April 1930's ~ First Blogger Post

My Dear Stitchery Friends, First, I need to thank my friends, Karen & Tammy, for breaking trail here in posting-world and allowing me the familiarity to get started. I'm actually kind of excited to have a "first post". And, for this debut, I thought I'd make it easy and copy and paste my e-bay page. So, here goes . . . ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   I am so glad you have clicked over to read further "About Me" and to know a little bit about who I am and what I represent as owner of April1930's....