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"Cinderella" Sewhandy Giveaway
by The Featherweight Shop

Congratulations: Ann Bowman from Long Lake, NY!

Truly, a gorgeous restoration in this Cinderella Blue color.

Completely restored by the Featherweight Shop, this Sewhandy is, in a word, stunning.  Originally found broken down, chipped and very well worn, we have since been able to give new life to this machine so that a favored child or grandchild can use it today.

 We wonder if there was ever a Sewhandy with this shine and reflection from the factory floor!  This will be a prized possession for the sewing machine collector or a young collector just getting their start.


Ready to sew right out of the box:  Restored, oiled, serviced and tested.  A chain-stitch sample is included for your assurance of it being ready to sew.  The machine has been serviced, and the tension has been calibrated, so you won’t have to worry about tension when you sit down to sew for the first time. 

A Singer model 20 is the perfect machine for a child to learn on with it's numbered threading system, finger guard, and reliable metal mechanics.  The Sew handy is a chain-stitch machine, so it does not use a bobbin or bobbin case, making it even easier to use.  The needle finger guard makes sewing with small hands near the needle much safer, and the needle can't be removed by hand like most household machines - it must be changed with a screwdriver, thus assuring adult supervision. 

Included with Machine: 

  1. Replica Instruction Manual
  2. Matching Blue Singer 2" Clamp
  3. Two Extra 24x1 needles
  4. Singer Sewhandy Seam Guide and Screw