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Article: Early Featherweight Bobbin Adjustment

Early Featherweight Bobbin Adjustment


Today, we are going to review the early bobbin winder from the 1933 and 1934 Featherweights, and troubleshoot a loose bobbin seated on the post.

Tools Needed or Recommended:

Bobbin Winder
Slim Kitchen Knife (Paring Knife)

Other Products Mentioned:

bobbin winder design

As you can see in the picture below, there is a little spring seated inside the post on the bobbin winder(Bobbin winder was removed from the Featherweight for video tutorial and visual aid.) This spring looks very similar to a small wire. The early bobbin winders on the 1933 and 1934 Featherweights did not have that wire. Instead, there was just a slot.

bobbin winder no spring
Common Bobbin Winder With Wire Spring

 bobbin spring no wire

Early Bobbin Winders (1933 & 1934) did not have a wire spring

One of the misconceptions of the early bobbin winders is that the bobbins are too large because they fit more loosely and will not wind or fill with thread properly.

bobbin not filling with thread

In troubleshooting, the wheel and post will turn, but the bobbin remains stationary, therefore not filling with thread.  However, the bobbin being "too loose" is not from a faulty bobbin, but rather it is an indication that a routine adjustment on the early Bobbin Winder is necessary.

bobbin slipping

Here are the steps to resolve this issue:

First, set the machine up on the end and take an ordinary kitchen knife or paring knife. < I think this is an incomplete sentence.... is there something in the notes to clarify it? or can it be rewritten.... not sure on the word "take" >  

using a pairing knife

Next, push the knife into the slot, separating the slot just enough so as to provide sufficient pressure when the bobbin is placed on the bobbin winder post.

close up of the knife
Place the bobbin on the bobbin winder. It should go on nice and tight.

bobbin on the bobbin winder

Test the bobbin winder by winding a bobbin with thread.  When checking that the thread is being loaded onto the bobbin correctly, both the bobbin and post should be spinning together and the thread should be filling smoothly onto the bobbin.

thread video of bobbin winder

For additional bobbin winder adjustments, here is another video tutorial for troubleshooting and service.

If you are curious about all the different bobbin winders for the Featherweight, Christian has written a blog illustrating the various styles, as Singer made quite a few changes over the years.