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Featherweight Case Refurbishing

Posted by April Henry on

Over on the Featherweight Schoolhouse today (under maintenance), you'll find our latest video tutorial.  From a technical, how-to video standpoint, it is excellent -- showing you the entire restoration process for how to refurbish a Singer Featherweight case.  But, I must say, from a Mama's perspective, it's rather adorable!  Our daughter, Ruthie became known throughout the summer on our Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop Tour as the little girl who taught case restoration at each of our classes.  She would personally choose a case at each class to use as an example to show this process. 

It's taken some time, but we finally have put her technique to video form, not only as a helpful tutorial, but for your enjoyment as well.  As a homeschooler now in the 7th grade, this would certainly fall under Speech Class, don't you think?

Ruthie will love to know how her tutorial has helped you in your Singer Featherweight case refurbishing, so please let us know in the comments below!

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  • I refinished my 1951 case the same way you did in your video. It came out looking like it was new !! I am so happy that this was so easy to do and gave such great results !! I am sure this is going to look great for many years to come!! Thank you so much for your informative video !!

    Karin on

  • Great job. That is so professional!! I can’t wait to follow this to restore my two cases. Thank you Ruthie.

    Cindy on

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