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Love Letter Pillow Cover Sewalong - Part 2
by April Henry

Now Let's Sew!

If you haven't selected, squared or cut out your fabric yet, then refer back to Part 1 of the Sewalong before proceeding.

I like to place a little pencil mark next to each instruction I have completed. Doing so means I will know right where I left off if I have to set my project aside for any reason.

Before construction, be sure to label your pieces well as instructed, follow the pattern layout directions and begin sewing your pieces together following each pattern step carefully!  Nadra has some great tutorials on her website, too, including this one called Easy Corner Triangles.

The tips I will provide are more for sewing on your Singer Featherweight and can apply to any pattern.

Stitching Tip: For further accuracy, you can stitch just barely outside any drawn lines rather than directly on it. Whatever excess will be trimmed away, that is the side of the line you would want to sew on. Seaming this way will help with block alignment when you press the fabric to the right side.

After you finish sewing a diagonal line, especially for things like half-square triangles and flying geese, you will need to trim the excess fabric away. Hold your cutting ruler so that the 1/4" measuring line is on your drawn line, then trim away the excess as directed by the pattern. I like to keep a mini cutting mat right next to my machine for quick, simple and small trims like this.

Lori Holt Mini Cutting Mat Cute Cuts

Pressing Tip:  With regard to pressing the seams -- you can press them according to the pattern directions, or you can press them open -- either way. I noticed a little bit of bulk on mine, so I opted to press my seams open this time. I wanted to be as accurate as possible for the heart shape and thought this might help.


Pinning Tip:  When pinning your fabric pieces together (and wherever there is a seam that you must sew over) catch both sides of the pressed open cross seam with a pin on each side. This will help with accuracy and prevent shifting as you sew.

Piecing Tip:  I find that I get the most accurate seam with the Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide (video tutorial in description), but we totally understand that piecing is a personal preference. We also have a video tutorial showing the various quarter-inch feet that are available and may help you decide which would suit your piecing style best.

Using these stitching, pressing, cutting and piecing tips, follow along with your pattern instructions until you have your Love Letter Pillow block finished.

If you have any questions at all with any of the block construction steps, don't hesitate to email us at the shop.  We will be happy to walk you through it or assist you in any way that we can. 

When you are all finished, your block should look like this:

This part is always exciting, isn't it!?
I love laying out the finished block imagining how it will be when it is all quilted.

We hope you are enjoying the process of sewing an ellis & higgs pattern.  Once you've sewn one, you'll be hooked with her pattern designs!

Part 3 of the Love Letter Pillow Sewalong
Quilting on your Singer Featherweight!