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Sew-In With Nathan & Sayley: Sewing Mends the Soul
by The Featherweight Shop

Welcome back to the Sew-In with Nathan and Sayley! The Sew-In started while Nathan and Sayley were spending countless hours at home due to the COVID pandemic. While these are unsettling times, I believe that learning and family time keeps the children grounded. The "sewing" days are my favorite as we spend hours talking, laughing, learning, and sewing. So many memories are being made, as well as skills that will last a lifetime! Thanks for tuning in to the Sew-In with Nathan and Sayley.


Sew-In Family: Nathan (11), Sayley (8), Mom (Ashley, The Featherweight Shop Marketing Director)



Cinnaberry by 3 Sisters for Moda Fabric

Pattern, Miss Rosies Quilt Co. Cake Mix Recipe #4

Aurfil Thread - Dove Grey

Featherweight Thread Post

Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide

Glass Head Pins

Today was a day when Gemma the Featherweight came to the rescue. It was Nathan's first day of school online. While attempting to log into the virtual classroom, he continually received an error message, stating no connection. I was able to get in touch with the school district to find out that there were issues district-wide, and there would be no resolve any point soon.

By this point, Nathan had already missed his first, middle school period, a milestone that he was quite looking forward to! I knew that I needed to come up with something to take his mind off of what was going on. None of the internet issues were his fault, but he was getting down on himself. I knew the perfect distraction - sewing! I popped my head into Nathan's room and asked him to give me about twenty minutes to set up a project that I needed his assistance with. Of course, this perked his ears right up!

Gemma was soon ready to sew, and Nathan was laying out the squares he wanted to start on. We worked together to piece the four cake patterns and pick out Nathan's favorite. 

Nathan decided to pick Block #2 to sew. He chose a beautiful combination of the Cinnaberry fabrics to use for his block. Now that he had his pieces all arranged it was time to sew. Before we started, he ran back to his room to check to see if his online classroom was up and ready yet. Nope! Although this upset him, he channeled these emotions into concentration and began to pin the block together.

After Nathan finished pinning his squares, creating a row to sew, he situated himself behind Gemma and began sewing his first row! He was quite excited to see how his block was going to turn out. Such a sweet boy.

Nathan diligently sewed each of the rows, pinned the next one, and moved on until each of the four rows were sewn. He took a break to check on his school, hoping to get in and not letting it show how much it bugged him to miss his first day of school.  I decide that it was the perfect time for a lunch break! Nothing like a nice sandwich on a warm fall day to lighten the mood.

After the break and chat, we hopped right back into Nathan's quilt block! He was doing such a fantastic job! Now that the rows were complete, it was time to sew the rows together and finish it off!

You did it, kiddo! What an excellent job. Although this was not your ideal "first day of middle school," you showed remarkable resilience, dedication, and strength. So proud of you!

Nathan was finally able to log into his class about twenty minutes before the end of his day. Due to all of the technical difficulties, the class played an "icebreaker" game to get to know each other. The task was to share the best part of their day. Suddenly, Nathan ran out of his room, yelling, "I need my block right now!" Of course, I gave it to him. Later, when he was off his call, I asked what that was all about. He stated, "I needed to share what the best part about my day was, and it was making this block with you." I am pretty sure this was the most heartwarming moment to date with this sweet boy.