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How To Replace the Case Handle

Early Singer Featherweight 221 cases had a leather case handle and were attached to the Featherweight case using D-Rings. 

D-Ring Case Handle for Singer Featherweight 221

(You can order a D-Ring Case Handle here
and watch a different tutorial, which includes installation.)

This tutorial, on the other hand, is focused more on the later style case handles; the ones that would be considered more straight and in-line and attached to the case lid using metal posts.  These case handles had a metal/steel strap inside and are mostly worn today after so many years of rubbing against the leather exterior.  They are more cumbersome to remove, let alone install, but after finding a high-quality replica leather case handle that includes proper pins, we have created this video tutorial (below) with easy-to-follow instructions for replacement!  You'll find tips for replacing the Bakelite Case Handle as well.

 Case Handle with Posts for the Singer Featherweight 221

Order Case Handle for Singer Featherweight 221 222K