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How to Store the Featherweight

One of our most popular questions is, "How should I store my Featherweight?"  We do know that the Featherweight is a very hearty machine, as many owners have retrieved them from the attic, basement, or closet where they have been kept for many years - to pull them out and use them without complications.  However, to ensure that the machines maintain their beautiful cosmetic appearance and perfect function, the following steps can be taken.

1. Make sure that all the accessories are in their proper place.

Singer Featherweight Top Tray with Accessories

The original Featherweight accessories do have their proper place and keeping them there will save attachments from getting bent or smashed and things getting left or falling on the machine.  Click Here to see our article on where everything goes in the Featherweight case.

2. Unthread the machine.

Thread can collect moisture that can be transferred to the metal parts on the machines, so we recommend unthreading the upper thread, and removing the bobbin from the bobbin case. 

If you live in a damp climate and plan on storing the machine for a long time, you should also remove the thread from your bobbins.  Along the same line, you should remove any fabric that may be left on the machine.

3. Remove the presser foot and lower the presser bar.

When the presser bar is raised, three springs are compressed.  Lowering the presser bar will take unnecessary tension off these springs, and removing the foot will keep it from resting on the sharp feed dogs.

The White Featherweight has the spring on the outside of the presser bar, so it makes demonstration easier.  You will not see this spring on your black Featherweight as it is inside the presser bar.

The Tension unit on this 1936 Featherweight has a visible spring as there are no number indicating pieces.  You will not see this spring on your later Featherweights as it is hidden behind the number ring.

Other things to consider and take note of:
  • The Foot Controller: Most cases have a convenient spot for the controller either in the top tray or the bracket in the lid; however, if your case is missing these components, or if you have a white Featherweight case, the foot controller should be stored outside the case to keep everything off the surface of the machine for long periods of time.  

  • Should I oil the machine before I put it away? Sewing machine oil will varnish over time, so it is best to not oil the machine right before you put it away.  Instead, the machine should be oiled when it is taken back out to use.

  • Where should I store my Featherweight? The Featherweight clearcoat is susceptible to drastic changes in temperature, so it should not be stored in an attic or even an uninsulated garage.  Basements are also not recommended in case of flooding.  The best place to store the Featherweight for a lengthy period of time would be a closet where it is safe and the temperature is fairly constant.