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Light Flickering with Foot Controller Depression ~ Electrical Adjustment


The light should only turn on and off with the flick of the switch, not the foot controller. So, if you press on the Featherweight foot controller and the light flickers off just as the motor runs, then there has been an inadvertent electrical reversal at some point in the machine's wiring history.  Unplug your machine and watch the video tutorial above to learn the steps for proper Featherweight electrical connections.   Just remember, if the machine is plugged in, it is considered on and ready to sew regardless of whether the light is on.  The switch is only for the light, not the machine.  

Note:  If your foot controller has excessive heat or one speed, then click here for the previous video tutorial, which will be a helpful guide for additional proper adjustments.  

For those of you with the clam shell, later style foot controller, we have a separate video tutorial for speed adjustment here.