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Article: What's New in The Featherweight Shop Vintage Collection - November 2023

What's New in The Featherweight Shop Vintage Collection - November 2023


Here at the Featherweight Shop, we have quite the collection of vintage Singer items.  Due to our remote location, very few customers have had the opportunity to see the many rare Singer items we have procured in our personal collection.  This series of blog posts brings our collection out for all to see what new items we receive.  Some of these items may be famous and recognizable, but there may be other items that very few individuals have ever seen or heard of before.  For the month of November 2023, here are some of our recent finds for your viewing pleasure:


These photo packets are quite collectible and this one depicts downtown New York City in the late 1800s and very early 1900s.

The card above shows Singer's main offices before the time of their sky-scraping tower on 149 Broadway.

This Automatic ZigZagger comes in an extremely rare box from South America. Made in Brazil, this box is very unique.

This marvelous box of Singer thread came from Italy. The wooden thread spools are all unused!

The Singer almanacs are always fun to find and the image above of the time zones in the USA is intriguing. You may say, 'I thought the Featherweight Shop was in the Pacific time zone.' According to this map, our shop would have been in the mountain time zone, but at some point, the zoning changed, so our shop in Kooskia, Idaho is now on Pacific time.

This is a very rare Singercraft Guide set from Germany. The attachment itself was made in the USA, but the box and literature was printed in Germany.

This is a very early art embroidery instruction book printed in Italian. The cover has a felt-like texture and there are no color images. The artistry of so many women 115 years ago is stunning!

Singer had a variety of souvenirs produced and this pocket knife/corkscrew combo was beautifully designed and is very difficult to find today. 

 We have many original Singer stamps here at the shop, and this 'Approved Dealer' one is a welcome addition to our collection.

We've only seen a few of these Centennial keychains, and with a little polishing, this one will be shining brilliantly!

Singer made many of their own tools, and we were thrilled to find these SIMANCO tweezers. SIMANCO is SInger MANufacturing COmpany shortened.

A blue Sewhandy like this one is extremely desirable, yet this unique, Italian box makes it even more so! It is the only Sewhandy box that we have seen with a lid opening from the vertical orientation. Also included with this machine was a little, blue needle case.

There are so many fun vintage Singer items here at the shop, and we are very excited to share our new finds with the Featherweight community.  Stay tuned for next month!

Occasionally, we have an extra accessory, attachment or collectible available for purchase in the Shop.  You, too, could begin your own Singer collection - check out what's new in the Collector's Corner!