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How To Use Sew-Retro Oil Tutorial

Welcome to The Featherweight Shop's Sew-Retro Sewing Machine Oil maintenance tutorial! Today, we will review the proper amount of oil needed to maintain the Singer Featherweight sewing machine. Plus, learn how to properly store Sew-Retro Sewing Machine Oil for short-term or long-term storage. 

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Oiling a Singer Featherweight



Properly maintaining the Singer Featherweight sewing machine is critical to a smoothly running machine that sews beautiful stitches! Knowing where and how much to oil the Featherweight may seem daunting to any Featherweight owner who is not accustomed to Featherweight maintenance. Fortunately, we have published a Singer Featherweight Maintenance Handbook with a color-coded oil and grease chart depicting each oiling port and greasing point.

How often to oil the Singer Featherweight is a question we frequently get asked here at the shop. The answer varies due to different oiling requirements for other parts of the machine:

1.  The hook assembly should be oiled before each use.

2.  The remaining oiling ports should be oiled with one drop of oil every eight (8) hours of sewing or six (6) months depending on location.  Use only one drop of Sew-Retro Sewing Machine Oil in each oiling port as depicted on pages 20-29 of the Singer Featherweight 221 Maintenance Handbook Oiling Chart.  

Properly oiling the machine before use and during routine maintenance will extend the machine's life and keep it running smoothly. 

Tip: Make a note of each Featherweight maintenance, how often, and jot down any repairs, parts replaced or service performed in the Featherweight Maintenance Log Book. This helps to keep your machine up to date! 




How to Remove the Twist-Lock Cap

The twist-lock spout and cap that comes standard with each of the Sew-Retro Sewing Machine Oil bottles easily dispenses the desired one-drop amount of oil into the oiling port of the Singer Featherweight. This helps to not over-oil your sewing machine. 

To remove the twist-lock cap, twist the cap counter clockwise. If you cannot remove the twist-lock cap with your fingers, gently use pliers to turn the cap to the left. Again, remember the saying, "righty tighty, lefty loosey," to remove a tightly packaged cap!

After the twist-lock cap is removed, twist on the spout that comes standard with each Sew-Retro Sewing Machine Oil. Your bottle is now ready for use, dispensing the desired drop of oil.

Shipping & Storage Directions


For usual storage around the house and regular use, use the green spout and place the rubber cap on the end, but for proper shipping and long-term storage of the Sew-Retro Sewing Machine Oil bottle, utilize the "twist-lock" cap that came with the packaging. This cap is packaged with the oil bottle during shipping and may be tight on the bottle, so it doesn't leak.