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Restore Along: Featherweight Case Restoration Starts Here

Featherweight Case Restoration

Welcome to the Singer Featherweight Case Restore Along! We are so excited to introduce this series, which takes an in-depth look at each of the steps of stripping down and restoring a Featherweight Case with Tolex and Fabric!

Read Restore Along: Part 1 HERE

Featherweight Case Restored

Join us on Friday, February 26th as we begin the first step in the case restoration process! Just so you can be fully prepared to join in the fun, here is the products list that is used in Part 1:

Restore Along Part 1 (2/26 Debut) Product List:

White Vinegar - 2 Cups Minimum
Putty Knife
Razor Knife
Tray for White Vinegar
Microfiber Cloth
OdiCoat Gel Coating

Fabric Requirement Information:
1 1/2 Yards Main Fabric (exterior of the case)
1/2 Yard of Coordinating Fabric (interior of the case)


1 yard TOLEX, 54" wide (for restoring case to more of an original case appearance) 

Do you love Annette's fabric choices for restoring her Featherweight case? Shop the Rose & Violet's Garden by Miss Rose Sister Violet FADED ROSES SONGBIRD & PARTY BLUSH


See you on Friday, February 26th, 2021 for Part 1!  To follow along now and into the future, this series will always be found on the News (Featherweight Review) section of the site, under Restore Along.