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| Posted by Featherweight Shop Staff

Singer Featherweight Certificate of Ownership

The Singer Featherweight sewing machine emerged October 3rd, 1933, capturing hearts with its compact design and exceptional functionality. A few Featherweights today still have their original receipts and guarantee certificates; however, most machines have lost all documentation connecting them to their original owners. We have designed this darling certificate for you to begin or maintain the ownership details of your machine! Documenting AuthenticityThe vintage replica Certificate of Ownership is more than a mere receipt; it's a record of your machine's serial number, model, and commission date. It remains a vital piece of history for collectors, validating the machine's place in the Singer Featherweight...

| Posted by Christian Henry

Featherweight Marketing Through The Eyes of Singer

  Take a step back in time and view this trove of original Singer advertisements featuring the Featherweight!  See ads from all over the world marketing the Black, Tan and White Featherweights as well as the 222K.   The Black Featherweight 221:   This is possibly the most concise advertising pamphlet for the Featherweight.  Singer shows all the benefits - from portability to a cabinet or table.   A Canadian B&W magazine clipping from 1950.   This 1950 ad in the Ladies Home Journal shows a unique lifestyle illustration with the Featherweight.   I wonder if anyone still has a Singer Featherweight they won in the...

| Posted by Christian Henry

Original Featherweight Tables and Cabinets

Singer tables were what any 1940s homemaker would have wanted to accompany her machine: an adaptable table for sewing or hosting!  Below is a cute ad from Singer, marketing the different ways one of their tables could be used... Pinochle anyone?  Today, some of the most collectible sewing machine tables and cabinets are the ones for the Featherweight.  Below are the various options that can still be found at antique shops, flea markets or even the occasional yard sale -- don't forget to look at what the garage sale goods are "sitting upon", or take a peek under the tablecloth of the...

| Posted by Christian Henry

Singer Featherweight Advertisements

There were many Singer Featherweight advertisements over the years and we hope to share quite a few of those with you here. If you happen to have a unique one that you do not see listed, please contact us, because we would like to feature it for all to enjoy in the Featherweight Community. Singer Featherweight 221 Advertising Leaflets Singer Featherweight 222K Advertising Leaflets   Singer Featherweight 221J and 221K Advertising Leaflets This advertisement features the Tan Featherweight at the centerfold, including an originally advertised price of $132.50.