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Article: What's new in The Featherweight Shop Vintage Collection - June 2024

What's new in The Featherweight Shop Vintage Collection - June 2024


Here at the Featherweight Shop, we have quite the collection of vintage Singer items.  Due to our remote location, very few customers have had the opportunity to see the many rare Singer items we have procured in our personal collection.  This series of blog posts brings our collection out for all to see what new items we receive.  Some of these items may be famous and recognizable, but there may be other items that very few individuals have ever seen or heard of before.  For the month of June 2024, here are some of our recent finds for your viewing pleasure:

Here is a rare booklet depicting the production process of Singer's needles and why their quality was superior.


This adorable wooden needle case is in beautiful condition and features the French and German translations of Sewing Machines.

From Germany, this rare and unique advertisement booklet has little poems about the influence of a Singer sewing machine in the household. I'm not confident my translator is working perfectly with this old font, yet the emphasis in the verse is consistent with Singer advertising how a customer can make things better and cheaper with one of their sewing machines.

The vibrancy of this original, unused 1931 calendar is stunning!

The Clydebank Singer factory had a Veteran Employee Association, and a pin like this, worn by one of those veteran employees is quite rare. 

A unique magazine ad from the 1950s comes from Italy and shows all the stores in Italy as well as Singer's factory in Monza.

One of the rarest Singercraft Guides in our collection is this Centennial edition with the logo and commemoration in German. Click here to see what Singercraft guides are available for sale here at the shop.

This recent addition to our collection is quite peculiar. It would have been used by one of Singer's superintendents in what would seem to be the industrial division.

We are thrilled to have this little Singer tape measure in our collection!

Every Featherweight collection has to have a centennial, and this one is in fabulous condition! Our Featherweight Faire is coming soon; click here to see what machines we will be selling on the first Tuesday of next month.


There are so many fun vintage Singer items here at the shop, and we are very excited to share our new finds with the Featherweight community.  Stay tuned for next month!

Occasionally, we have an extra accessory, attachment or collectible available for purchase in the Shop.  You, too, could begin your own Singer collection - check out what's new in the Collector's Corner!