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Article: What's New in The Featherweight Shop Vintage Collection - March 2024

What's New in The Featherweight Shop Vintage Collection - March 2024


Here at the Featherweight Shop, we have quite the collection of vintage Singer items.  Due to our remote location, very few customers have had the opportunity to see the many rare Singer items we have procured in our personal collection.  This series of blog posts brings our collection out for all to see what new items we receive.  Some of these items may be famous and recognizable, but there may be other items that very few individuals have ever seen or heard of before.  For the month of March 2024, here are some of our recent finds for your viewing pleasure:

This adorable pincushion originally came from Singer as a kit to be assembled. Here is one that is finished, and the user maintained the original packaging with instructions. This is an incredibly rare find all the way from Germany.

Here is a unique hardcover book from 1894 and it features several different topics of instruction for using Singer's machines produced at the time.

 This beautiful seam ripper has a removable cap and is in vibrant condition.

An advertisement from Germany features the different configurations available for the Singer Klasse 15 machine.

This gorgeous 222K came from Sweden and has its very rare original guarantee certificate. The motor with this machine has Sweden marked on the band with the other electrical specifications.

An unused Bridge score pad would have been a souvenir item from Singer. We were thrilled to find this one in fabulous condition.

A unique piece - A pressing ham from Italy. It is the only one we have seen.

An uncommon Singer tie clip depicting a Singer storefront.

We are elated with this addition to the collection! This incredibly rare book exhaustively details the construction of the Singer Building in New York.

There are so many fun vintage Singer items here at the shop, and we are very excited to share our new finds with the Featherweight community.  Stay tuned for next month!

Occasionally, we have an extra accessory, attachment or collectible available for purchase in the Shop.  You, too, could begin your own Singer collection - check out what's new in the Collector's Corner!